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An accordion is a sequence of disclosure widgets in a row.

Some accordions are exclusive, which means that at any moment in time, only zero or one of the disclosure widgets can be open. In an exclusive accordion, opening one of the items closes any existing open item.

Some exclusive accordions are even more specific and at any moment in time exactly one disclosure widget is open. For lack of a better term, I’ll call these exact-exclusive.

Of the design systems below, the following are never exclusive:

  • Carbon Design System
  • KoliBri
  • Lightning Design System,
  • Lion

The following defaults to not exclusive, but exclusivity behavior of any sort can be implemented in the code using the widget:

  • Material UI

The following can be exclusive or not exclusive:

  • Ant Design (exclusive when accordion="true" is used)
  • Bootstrap (exclusive when data-bs-parent is used)
  • Stardust UI (defaults to not exclusive)
  • Tailwind Elements (exclusive when data-te-parent is used)

The following can be exclusive, not exclusive, or exact-exclusive:

  • Semantic UI (defaults to exclusive, not exclusive with exclusive=false, exact-exclusive with collapsible=false)

The following can be either not exclusive or exact-exclusive:

  • FAST (defaults to not exclusive)