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Open UI

Here are the different ways folks contribute to Open UI, and the different skills/pieces of work.


A contributor is any person who has participated in some way, either by joining a meeting and participating, or writing on an issue or PR. If you’re reading this, you’re likely already a contributor. Thank you :D!


A champion has slightly more responsibility than a contributor. A champion is responsible for moving a proposal from one stage to the next, attending meetings, gathering input, synthesizing it, and advancing it through the stages. In order to become a champion you need to:

  • Be a member of the community group
  • Be able to alot time to attend weekly meetings while your feature is being worked on
  • Be available to review and advance tasks outside of the weekly meeting


An editor owns a specification, and is responsible for ensuring it develops and remains stable. This means reviewing PRs to the specifications you are an editor of, considering input, and updating prose in a consistent and accessible voice. In order to become an editor you need to:

  • Be a member of the community group
  • Have five substantial technical contributions to a specification that you wish to edit
  • Be nominated for editorship by either the chairs or someone who is currently an editor of that specification
  • Be resolved on by the community during telecon or two other editors or chairs


The chairs’ primary responsibilities are to facilitate weekly meetings, ensure progress towards goals is made, mentor and onboard contributors, champions, and editors, create and foster a respectful and productive atmosphere for the community, enforce the working mode.